About The Humanities Program

“Yes, they teach the one thing that is perhaps most valuable for the future employee to know. But very few students bother to learn it.”                                                                                                     “This one basic skill is the ability to organize and express ideas in writing and in speaking.”

— Peter Drucker,                        “How to be an Employee


Dr. Joachim Antonio, Assistant Program Head (Associate Professor & Humanities Alumnus)

In recent years, executives in companies emphasize the significance of soft skills in the workplace. However, more than just the ability to organize and express ideas in speaking and writing, the ability to formulate and develop ideas from observation, research, and analysis is another skill crucial to any professional field. These particular skills among many others are honed and polished within the different disciplines that comprise the Humanities. Thus, more than preparing students to become profitable members of the workforce, the Humanities Program prepares its students to become exemplary citizens in whatever community or workplace setting they find themselves in.

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