In their first three semesters the students take up subjects like FilmMusic, and Theatre for Art; Literary GenresNovel, and Poetry for Literature; Historical Research for History; and Metaphysics for Philosophy. These subjects they take are designed to help them familiarize with the field of the Humanities as well as to prepare them for the foundation subjects which, in turn, prepare the students for proficiency in the Humanistic disciplines of Art, Literature, History, and Philosophy.

Central to the curriculum of the Humanities Program are the foundation subjects of Art in the Humanistic TraditionLiterary Theory and CriticismHistoriography, and History of Philosophy. Each of these subjects is delivered through two semesters to solidify the students’ grounding in the tradition and methods in the different humanistic fields. As the students take the foundation subjects side by side, they are invited to see the parallelisms and complementarity of these disciplines.

During their third year of their majors, the students  are then trained and challenged to synthesize what they have learned so far through the subjects of Art TheoryWork and SocietyPhilosophical DiscourseSources in Philippine History and Theory of Theories and the Humanistic Enterprise, culminating with the Humanities Practicum, wherein the students are tasked to apply what they have learned in the workplace.

For students pursuing the M.A. Hum Program, central to their last three semesters are the Thesis Writing Subjects: Research Methodology as well as Thesis Writing 1 & 2. Alongside thesis writing, the M.A. students take other Humanities subjects that are geared towards complementing their thesis project, through this, the students are prepared for their mastery of the humanistic disciplines.

For the Creative Writing Pathway, students complement their Humanities subjects with Creative Writing subjects like Writing DramaWriting Narratives, and Writing Poetry, as well as Principles of Pre-WritingPrinciples of Rewriting, and Portfolio Building. These Creative Writing subjects will replace some of the Humanities subjects of the general AB Program so as to provide a contextualized focus on how the Humanistic disciplines enhance the craft of Creative Writing.