Course Offerings


Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

The Bachelor of Arts in Humanities is designed to train Humanities students in the methods practiced in the humanistic disciplines of Literature, History, Philosophy, Art, and Language. The courses offered aim at developing the use of multi-disciplinary approaches of research, interpretation, analysis, and appraisal in the study of the human person, human society, and culture. By the end of the AB Humanities Program, the student becomes a proficient practitioner of the humanistic methods.


Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with specialization in Creative Writing

Students of the Humanities Program with 18 Units in Creative Writing are trained in the complementary use of various methods drawn from different humanistic disciplines to develop a deeper understanding of the constantly changing socio-cultural landscape and apply these methods to Creative Writing. This training and understanding equips the humanities graduate to innovate and develop new ideas that meet the demands of modern-day career opportunities, particularly in the literary field.


Bachelor of Arts in Health Humanities

Health Humanities is a multidisciplinary course that sets the preparation for professions in the fields of medicine and healthcare on a humanistic foundation. As the Humanities expose students to the wealth of human pursuits and achievements, this course provides an excellent venue for students to esteem the deep significance of what it means to be human. This valuable mindset and disposition is what current practice in healthcare deem indispensable.



The Master of Arts in Humanities is designed to strengthen the student’s proficiency in one of the humanistic disciplines while complementing it with the context of the remaining four. Central to this program is the Thesis Writing. The courses surrounding Research Methodology, Thesis Writing 1 and 2 help the students to zero in on a field or issue that they may want to pursue or address upon graduation. By the end of the MA Humanities Program, on top of becoming a proficient practitioner of the humanistic methods, the student develops a professional edge on the field of their thesis topic.

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