Loud Whispers: An Analysis of a Family’s History During a Time of Insurgency

By: Lamug, Anne Danielle P.

Adviser: Dr. Marya Svetlana Camacho

This research aims to analyze a family story about the matriarch Ramona T. aiding suspected NPA members in Mexico, Pampanga during the Martial Law period. Compared to Manila, Pampanga had a different experience of Martial Law because the people were more exposed to the crossfire between the government and the Left. Given that there are few sources on local history as well as family history during the Martial Law period, this study serves as a starting point for a micro-view of those times.

Ramona's story is extracted from interviews with immediate members of the T family,
which employ Alistair Thomson's oral history method concerning private memories of a certain historical event. A two-phase analysis of the family story follows. The first is an autobiographical analysis using Sidonie Smith and Julia Watson's guide on interpreting autobiographies, specifically the concept of autobiographical subjects. The second is a values analysis using F. Landa Jocano's theory on asal or expressive values to analyze the T family's reflection on their values based on their Martial Law experiences.

The findings reveal the T family's different interpretations of their experiences during the Martial Law period. They interpreted aiding insurgents as an act of social justice or a cautionary tale. Moreover, the T family's situation was peculiar because they were afraid of the government and the insurgents. Their story reveals how the family navigated the Martial Law period, and that micro-view provides a textured understanding of how it was experienced in Pampanga. There were nuances to the motives of their actions from how they exhibited asal. They exhibited both magandang asal (socially appropriate behavior) and mabuting asal (morally good behavior) in order to protect the family from being blacklisted by denying association with the insurgents while aiding them at the same time to avoid harm if they did not comply with their demands.



Mr. Dean Edward Mejos & Dr. Concepcion Lagos

Thesis Professors:

Dr. Joachim Emilio Antonio & Dr. Arnel E. Joven

Program Director:

Dr. Sophia Martha B. Marco

2022-2023 | Lamug, Anne Danielle P.