The HUM Activities

Academic Year 2022-2023

Humanities Strategic Planning

The team discussed the successful activities of the past school year along with the areas needed to be improved. Furthermore, the plans for the new school year such as student activities, team’s respective professional growth, and marketing ideas were also elaborated. This is done every end of the school year, in order to obtain well-thought-out strategies in providing adequate operations and support to the program and to the students.

Humanities Charity Project (CRIBS Child Welfare Center, Antipolo City)

The goal is to provide support, enrichment, and educational opportunities for the children at CRIBS Foundation Inc. by organizing engaging activities and donating essential resources.

This provides students with hands-on experience in applying their knowledge and skills to address social issues, promote social responsibility, and develop their interpersonal and communication skills. The program consists of various activities, including but not limited to English tutoring, an essay writing workshop, a spelling bee competition, and a coloring book art contest. This project was proposed and organized by the Humanities Students. For every school year, students can propose and conduct any charitable projects with genuine purpose. This will foster and benefit them as well as a compassionate and benevolent members of society.

Campus Day with HUM Alumni as Resource Speakers

This day, the graduates of Humanities are being invited to provide their testimonies and inspirational insights of being a graduate of Humanities in the real world. Alumni will be able to positively and enthusiastically influenced the aspiring Humanities students who envision themselves as imaginative, proficient, and exemplary individuals and citizens.


This particular event had a great comeback after being in a hiatus for years. This tradition of the university consistently aims to bring out the talents, skills, collaboration, sportsmanship and perseverance of all the students, faculty and staff. This improves not just the health of all the members of the community, but also camaraderie and rapport of one another.

HUM Check In ASK: Always Seek Knowledge

This is a general assembly for all the HUM students. The students and the HUM team discussed about the proper channeling of questions and concerns by introducing the role of each member in the program. The discussion was focused on who, where and how to ask as students. Every start of the new term, students of Humanities were accordingly oriented with regards to policies, roles, responsibilities, cooperation and discipline in order to obtain effectivity in communication

Manila Field Trip for Mr. Sebolino’s Class

To explore, to experience and to remember the historical places in the city of Manila: These are the impetus of Mr. Sebolino’s course in enthusiastically engaging the Humanities students to walk and venture the places of Quiapo, Binondo, and Escolta. This was one of the great and remarkable experiences for the students as they were able to see and experience the lessons firsthand, not by books, not by words or images alone.

Internship Orientation

Before the deployment of the students of Humanities, they must undergo a proper orientation in which they will able to learn and improve their ethics in a particular workplace. They will be taught of the established ways of the corporate world, the policies and agreement between the university’s program and the partnered industries.

HUM Heading Home: General Assembly

In order to physically re-establish and maintain the bonds of the students, faculty and admins of Humanities, a general assembly is being done every semester. Hosted by the senior students, they can conduct several performances, activities, and speeches, wherein they can unveil the talents and skills of one another. Moreover, the program is always looking forward that this kind of traditional activity can leave a remarkable memories to the minds and hearts of the students.